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Koto & Traditional Japanese Music

Chords Canada
Chords is the largest stocking distributor of traditional Japanese musical instruments and accessories outside of Japan. They carry a wide selection of products - instruments, instrument accessories, sheet music, reference texts, audio-visual products, music-related novelties, etc. - and ship worldwide.

The Kotoworld forum is an active forum in the Yahoo Groups. Discuss all your questions about koto, techniques, music, how-to, etc. with like-minded koto enthusiasts from all over the world..

The International Shakuhachi Society
The Society started as a world forum for people interested in shakuhachi. It has now broadened its horizons to include koto, shamisen, and min'you information as well. The site maintains an amazing database of shakuhachi, koto and shamisen people world-wide. It also has extensive, detailed information about individual pieces, lists recordings for both traditional and modern works on these instruments, and offers sample audio clips.

Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto
Ms. Muramoto is a koto and shamisen performer, teacher and composer in the Oakland/San Francisco, CA area. She is also the leader of the jazz koto group, Murasaki Ensemble.

Brian Mitsuhiro Wong
Mr. Wong is a koto and shamisen performer and teacher in the Oakland/San Francisco, CA area.

Yumi Kurosawa
Ms. Kurosawa is a koto (13- and 21-string) performer, teacher and composer in New York City.

Tai Hei Shakuhachi
Monty Levenson's site is a total resource for shakuhachi. Complete information on playing guides, books, sheet music, recordings, teachers, schools, instrument makers, performances and much more. Includes a growing list of koto and shamisen teachers and performers.

Traditional Japan
Thumbnail descriptions about the many forms of Japanese entertainment, including all the musical instruments as well as Kabuki, Bunraku, Noh and others.

Music (General)

York University Faculty of Music
York's ethnomusicology program is one of the most in-depth in North America, covering many cultures. Their programs, taught by experts in their respective fields, offer hands-on and cultural learning experiences in a broad range of world instruments.

Royal Conservatory of Music
The Conservatory's professional training programs have produced generations of graduates who founded major arts organizations such as The Toronto Symphony and the Canadian Opera Company, established teaching studios in hundreds of communities, created musical works and generally built the infrastructure for music in our nation.

The Wholenote Magazine
Toronto's monthly classical and new music reference publication. Extensive listings of performances in various genres as well as informative articles, performer profiles, etc.


JNTO Website
Japan National Tourist Office's North American site. Information on what to see and do in Japan, transportation, accomodations, world offices, etc.

Other Interesting Links

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
The first and still the premier Japanese cultural centre in Canada. Toronto's JCCC offers a full range of cultural classes, martial arts classes, special events and workshops, and community support.

Toronto Kimono Club
TKC was started in fall of 2010 by two charming and interesting women who lived in Japan for several years and fell in love with kimono themselves. Connect up with other kimono lovers, join in the periodic TKC events that give you an opportunity to wear your own kimono collection, learn how to dress in kimono by yourself, and just generally keep an eye what's going on in the Toronto area from a kimono-related perspective.

Ichiroya Kimono Flea Market
Highly-recommended store in Japan with an English-language website that will meet all your kimono-related needs. Wonderful selection, excellent customer service, carefully-packaged shipping, prompt replies to emails. The staff speak excellent English and definitely know their stuff. Ichiroya also sells fabric on the bolt and can handle made-to-order kimono requests. They are also happy to transform full-length obis into beautiful and convenient pre-tied obis for you.

Tokyo Food Page
Just about everything you'd want to know (and then some) about Japanese food and eating in Tokyo.

Sake World
John Gauntner's site contains everything you'd want to know about sake. He writes a semi-monthly column on sake for The Japan Times newspaper, publishes the Sake World email newsletter and is the author of the Sake Handbook.

Urasenke Home Page
Urasenke is the largest and best-known of the tea ceremony schools in Japan with many international branches. Site includes tea philosophy, history of Grand Masters and views of its tea rooms and gardens, among other information.