York University Japanese Music Courses

Caplan is the Japanese music Course Director at York University. York offers the following undergraduate courses, taught in the Accolade East building at its Keele Campus. No prerequisite for the 1000-level courses; for other levels, the prerequisite is the prior year's course (or Caplan's permission to enrol).

FA MUSI 1048/2048/3048/4048 - Japanese Music
The Japanese Music course is York's Japanese ensemble, therefore instruction is in a group format. Brief course outline:
Provides practical and repertoire studies in traditional techniques for Japanese instruments (koto , shamisen, voice, etc.). Focus is on ensemble performance, including two recitals per year. Pieces learned will be chosen from folk, classical and/or contemporary repertoire. Open to majors/non-majors.

FA MUSI 1099Q/2099Q/3099Q/4099Q - World Music: Koto
The Koto course is private one-on-one lessons in either koto or shamisen. Brief course outline:
Private instruction in Japanese koto or shamisen. Students learn playing techniques and performance practice using traditional, folk and contemporary repertoire. Open to non-majors.

For information about the above courses or to enroll in any of them, please visit the York University Department of Music's website or contact the Music Department directly at 416-736-5186.