Miyoko ChikushiSecond Generation

Miyoko Chikushi, current Sōke of Chikushikai, is Katsuko Chikushi’s daughter. In her early childhood, under her mother’s tutelage, she sang children’s songs on radio programs for NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). As she grew up, her focus became koto and singing. Miyoko is a graduate of the Koto Department of Ueno Music School (now the National University of Fine Arts and Music). During her school years, she performed with her brother, Ichirō Sakamoto, in his jazz guitar trio. She gave many singing concerts, and she was also contracted by RKB Mainichi Broadcasting to play koto for one of their morning programs in Fukuoka. Miyoko has performed throughout Japan and has also performed in the United States. The City of Fukuoka has honoured her twice with their Bunkashō (Cultural Award).

Miyoko and her brother Ichirō became second-generation co-Sōke of Chikushikai in 1984, when their mother passed away. The school has been under Miyoko’s sole direction since Ichirō’s death in 1998.